Globe Totters putting the whole world in their hands

Posted: Jan 14 2016

There is something truly magical about travelling. Of course, it isn't so magical with young children on long haul flights, jet lag and not being able to keep a routine.

This clever Brooklyn business have created a wonderful educational and eco friendly toy just for your little Globe Totter.

Globe Totter city blocks

Ten cities to travel to, all in the comfort of your own home.

We'll begin our journey to these locations shortly, but first, I must tell you about these Eco blocks and what  that actually means!

The fabric itself is good for the planet being 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Non-toxic water based inks are used to print the original artwork of these 10 unique blocks. The inside is as good as the outside, 100% biodegradable Eco fill with a sustainable source from corn. Each block is handcrafted ethically in USA. That's pretty darn great if you ask me!

Now, our first destination is the great city of Brooklyn, where there blocks are made.

Globe Totters Brooklyn block

Brooklyn is buzzing with the best pizza served by the slice, Coney Island where taffy is as common as adventure rides, The New York aquarium is one of the best in the world, home to the most incredible sea creatures it's the oldest Aquarium in the world. The Brooklyn bridge, featured in many movies as a landmark, it is the connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan, an incredible piece of engineering. Finally, the beautiful Brooklyn townhouses that are a tribute to 19th century architecture are just magnificent.

Globe Totters Brooklyn block

Next stop, New York, New York!

Globe Totters New York city block

New York, the big apple, where people go to make it big! Make sure you stop at the street vendors who sell Pretzels and hot dogs for a genuine New Yorker snack. Be amazed at the great Statue of Liberty, she is grand and spectacular. Stroll through Central Park and enjoy the garden, look up and see the beautiful Empire State building with it's pointed peak and of course, visit Times Square, this city never sleeps.

Globe Totters New York city block

Now across the country to Seattle, this city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, water and evergreen forests. It's called the Emerald city.

Globe Totter Seattle city blockThe first Starbucks opened here, fueling the millions of people who are in the Seattle area. Visit the Space Needle, a unique landmark of the city it takes you high above the city and you can discover the landmarks from above.

Globe Totters Seattle city block

Pioneer square, Seattle's original neighborhood, filled with history and beautiful architecture. Looking for some fresh produce, visit Pike place Public Market, it's one of the oldest and biggest farmer's markets around.

As we head south along the coast, we will get to San Francisco, the great city where cable cars are the best way to get around. This foggy city has incredible landmarks and one of the most famous is the Golden Gate bridge. Visit Alcatraz island, known for the first light house and of course the prison!

Globe Totters San Francisco block

Dragon gate is a famous arch at the start of the iconic Chinatown district. A great place to visit for some delicious food.

If you love playing the game corners, make sure you take a drive down Lombard street, you'll love the eight hairpins turns that this street has become famous for.

Globe Totters San Francisco city block

 Next stop, is Los Angeles. Take a drive through Beverley Hills and spot the celebrity. Hollywood glamour is all around. The beautiful Santa Monica pier is a gorgeous place to take a stroll and make sure you visit the TCL Chinese Theatre and see the stars on the pavement.Globe Totters Los Angeles city blockAs we cross continents, we find ourselves in Europe. Paris, the city of sweet treats. Macaroons, delicious treats in pastel colours.

Globe Totters Paris city block

Parisian style at it's best, those prancing Poodles and talented artists paint their models. The Eiffel Tower, a must see as is the incredible Louvre museum, make sure to allow plenty of time to discover the incredible history that is kept here. See the magnificent Arc De Triomphe and the beautiful Notre Dame.

Globe Totters Paris city block

Hop on a short flight to Amsterdam and you will discover the home of Vincent Van Gogh, a city filled with charming windmills and people riding bicycles. Where Herring is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and wooden clogs are adored.

Globe Totters Amsterdam city block

Fly over to the United Kingdom for your next city stop. London. Home of high tea and royalty. Buckingham palace and the guards is a must see. Enjoy the big red bus ride and see Big Ben. So many lovely places to discover in London.

Globe Totters London city block

Over to Japan, the pretty city of Tokyo. Visit during the Cherry blossom season and you will see millions of buds blooming.  Visit the Senso-Ji temple for a magical experience. Try all of the yummy food including the Sushi and Sashimi. Explore Mount Fuji and the Imperial Palace.

Globe Totters Tokyo city block

Our last stop of the ten city adventure is down under! Sydney, Australia.

Globe Totters Sydney city block


A beautiful city filled with plenty of adventure and sightseeing. Walk along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go for a surf at Bondi Beach, explore Darling harbour and the Opera House. High five a Kangaroo and cuddle a Koala for the complete Aussie experience.

We hope you love the adventure of these ten beautiful cities.

Click here to discover your favourite today.

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