Children's sunhats in Australia

Posted: Oct 23 2016

When you are shopping for a sunhat, you have to consider the harsh Australian sun. Will this hat be comfortable so my child can still play outside and enjoy their activities.

Toshi are famous for their children's hats. They have consistently created comfortable, practical and good looking hats for children. From newborn babies to big kids.

Their hats tick all the boxes.

  • comfortable fit, you can adjust the circumference of the hat to fit perfectly.
  • practical, they actually keep the sun off! The bucket hats give a full brim protection, covering delicate skin on the ears and neck.
  • comfort in fabric, the fabrics are soft cotton, breathable, washable and sturdy
  • practical in the elements, the chin toggle give kids the ability to fasten their hats securely on a windy day. 

Toshi hats online at Fashion deli

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