Muslin Wraps are in and we're fully stocked

Posted: Dec 01 2016

Are you searching for a soft, light weight, breathable fabric made of natural fibres, versatile size and a great gift idea.

Well, look no further, we have you all wrapped up- in muslin!

Muslin cotton is soft, fine, light weight. A perfect fabric for swaddling your newborn baby. Once your baby has outgrown the swaddling phase, you can continue to use your muslin to give you privacy when feeding, a shade cloth over your pram, an extra layer under a blanket. It's so useful, we suggest you have one handy in your nappy bag and an extra one in the car!

Here are some of our favourite muslin wraps available now at Fashion Deli

Don De Dieu butterfly muslin wrap

A generous 130cm x 112cm, this Australian designed muslin wrap is a very light, fine weave. Perfect for a Summer wrap. $24.95 click here to shop.

Gems and Tiaras muslin wrap Australian designed

This Gems and Tiara print fine muslin, perfect for a hot Summer. $24.95. shop it here

knights in shining armor muslin wrap

Knights in shining armor muslin wrap, perfect for summer. $24.95 shop it here

Unicorn and rainbow muslin wrap

Unicorn and Rainbow muslin wrap, perfect for summer. $24.95 shop it here

paper planes printed muslin wrap

Paper planes printed muslin wrap 130cm x 112cm $24.95. shop it here

muslin gift set with pram pegs

Gift set with two muslin wraps and four pram pegs

my little organics bouganvillea floral printed muslin wrap

This lovely large original design printed muslin wrap is a generous 120cm x 120xcm. Buy it here at Fashion Deli


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