Lamington Socks

Made in New Zealand

knee high socks

Made of fine merino wool


Bex Osborn - The best pair of socks I have ever invested in. Not only are the warm and well priced, but they never fall off and little hands cannot pull them off! Not to mention being extremely cute! Gone are the days of single socks being lost :) I have three pairs of them for my daughter and will continue to invest in bigger sizes as she grows. Thank you Lamington! 

Emma Murphy - Love love love Lamingtons!! My lil girl is 5 1/2 months and at that stage when as soon as you put socks on they are off again within minutes!! But not LAMINGTONS!!! Swear by these sock-ings!!! Snug warm tootsies all day and night :D

Tracey Bryce - These are definitely the best socks I have ever brought:) both my boys live in them. They are lovely and long and keep their wee legs super snug.

Kylie Goddard - Hi I had three children under three, three under four, and now three children under five. I would not be without these socks to keep their tootsies warm - I do not have time for slippers! They wear well and are sweet to be passed on to the next child(ren). After these three I have given most of their baby stuff away but, well, I'm keeping their socks. I don't know anyone could appreciate them like me! Thanks for a great product

Kristy Kingan Tarrant - Loved so much here too! Its great knowing their feet are toasty warm and that they won't fall off. Can't wait to get some more for the big kids :D

Laura Siegel - I brought our first pair simply because they were cute, we were thrilled to find how well they stayed on our newborns little wriggly feet - The only socks that did!

Michelle McDonald - Bubs feet have been in Lamington socks 24/7 for the last 3months (I have many many pairs), they have never fallen down & if you get the next size up they make great leg warmers (up to his thigh). The only downside with Lamingtons is they are additive & hard to justify to my partner why I need another pair :-) who thinks he has enough, however I always manage to get another pair or 3. With his Lamingtons on I am confident he has warm feet. Thanks Lamington!!

Sarah Mercer - Lamingtons are the only socks my 2 kiddies wear (ages 2 and 7 months), and we get lots of comments on them - especially our natural/red stripe ones. I recommend them to everyone! They are especially good for master 7 months, when his pants legs ride up it means he doesn't get a bit of leg exposed to the cold.

Anna Greaney - I love lamingtons. Both my girls wear them every day and I know that their feet are toasty and that they won't come off. Fabulous socks!

Deana Elvins - Reasons why Lamingtons are fabulous: 1. They are gorgeous snugly merino and keep feet and legs really warm 2. Kids actually want to wear them and they stay on! 3. They are lovely and long and really provide an extra layer for the legs and cover any gaps, especially for my baby when crawling or in the buggy or when I pick him up 4. last and certainly not least - they are ADORABLE!! Given the sad state of dull and boring boy’s clothes it is so nice to be able to put something super cute on my boys. I am slowly building up our collection but never have enough! Would love to be able to have them in only Lamingtons day and night. PS. thought the suggestion of grip tabs was an excellent one and would love to see some bright boy colours (very jealous of the girly chilli and pink and dotties) :) Thanks for a great product Lamingtons

Kieren Streifler - I love them because they are warm, funky colours and my daughter can't pull them off , in fact I just ordered another 3 pairs in the next size up :) Would love to see rainbows ones next!

Charlotte Adair - They are the BEST socks ever, v warm, stay up, great colours, the size on the feet even, postage is so cheap.... and best of all NZ made!

Kerin Moriarty - Love, love, love em! Not only do they stay up and on, they are totally warm when it?s cold and cool when it is hot but they are stylish! Have pairs in three sizes for the bubba girl and now have three pairs for her big brother - he calls them his snugly socks 

Carolyn Jackson - Just a quick note to say website looks fantastic! I think all of the new colours look good.I am a huge fan, I have 3 young kids and we have lots of pairs of your socks - in winter time they wear their lamington socks and bobux shoes every day and I often give them as gifts.Will look forward to buying some more with all the new options!


Lamington™ knee-high sock-ings are cosy, comfy, cute and considerably better at staying up and staying on.

Made in New Zealand with merino wool, Lamington™ sock-ings help cold feet and legs stay snuggly and warm. The fine knit merino makes them super-warm and super-comfy without being bulky.

Made to stand out from the rest, the Lamington™ range consists of stylish and fun designs for babies, kids and adults alike.


Merino Wool

Exceptionally kind and gentle on delicate skin, merino wool regulates temperature providing warmth without overheating. It also has the natural ability to breathe and draw moisture (sweat) away from the skin which makes Lamington sock-ings™ the perfect year-round choice.